Why the cork? - Scoundrel


Durable, resistant and eco-friendly

Cork is a unique and versatile material, incl. as a fabric for the production of handbags, wallets, shoes, jewelry and clothing, and considered by many as a new leather for which it is an ecological alternative.

Cork fabric is a thin layer of cork stuck onto the canvas. The outer layer with cork makes it waterproof and neutral for the skin. It does not crumble and is durable .

A cork tree without its bark absorbs four times more carbon dioxide than a tree with its bark on. Therefore, Cork Forest absorbs 14 million tons each year, which is equivalent to 3 million cars

Acquiring a cork

Cork oaks grow on plantations in the Mediterranean basin, and Portugal is the main producer of cork. In autumn, after seasoning on the plantation area, it will be transported to factories in the north of the country.

The debarking method of cork oaks has not changed for years. It is an activity that requires both great physical fitness and delicacy from the grower. With the help of the ax, the largest possible fragments of the bark are cut, so that the tree itself is not injured with its blade.

The oak is debarked for the first time about 25 years after planting. After harvesting, the bark gradually grows back, and after nine years, another harvest takes place. At such intervals, the raw material is further harvested without harming the tree, which only dies from natural causes when it is more than 150 years old.


Each product made of cork is unique because no part of the cork repeats its pattern. Its unique texture and softness to the touch make it a really pleasant material. I think it is worth promoting and disseminating it, especially bearing in mind its eco-friendly nature.

Easy to use

An additional advantage of the cork fabric is that it does not require maintenance. Just wipe it with a soft damp cloth. The cork does not soak and does not absorb water. You are immediately ready for the next challenges. Good luck!

Light as a feather

Cork is a really lightweight material. When you open the box, I think the first thing you will notice is the interesting material and the fact that it is very light. For me personally, it matters, because why carry.

and you, have you already chosen your cork strap?