Regulations - Szelma



These regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") define the rules of access and use
from the services provided through the Szelma online store (hereinafter referred to as the "Store").

These regulations are the regulations referred to in Art. 8 of the Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 144, item 1204, as amended).

  1. Szelma Store available at www., run by Bad Idea Studio Jan Wolak-Dyszyński Różyckiego 4/81, 31-324 Kraków, NIP 7922051251, Regon 122624861.
  2. The Regulations define the rules for placing orders, selling and delivering goods by the Store.
  3. By placing an order, you consent to all provisions and information contained in the Regulations. Ignorance of the Regulations does not release the Customer from complying with the rules and provisions contained therein.
  4. The store undertakes to perform the sales service in a reliable and timely manner, in accordance with the best knowledge and applicable law in this area.


  1. The store offers high-quality products. The offered products are brand new, hand-made and free from defects (unless otherwise stated in the description). They are kept in an environment free from cigarette smoke and animal hair.
  2. The prices of goods in the Store's offer are given in PLN and include VAT.
  3. The prices of goods in the Store do not include delivery costs to the Customer.
  4. The quantity and type of goods offered in the Store are variable and are subject to constant updating, however, if the actual quantity of goods in the warehouse is smaller than the quantity ordered by the Buyer, the Store will immediately contact the Buyer.
  5. The store reserves the right to change the prices of goods on offer. The binding price for the Customer is the price given for the goods at the time of placing the order.
  6. The store makes every effort to reproduce the colors of the products in the picture as faithfully as possible, but we are not responsible for differences resulting from the individual settings of the user's devices. Differences in color are not grounds for complaint.
  7. The number of goods covered by a possible promotion in the Store is limited. Their sale is carried out on the basis of the order of orders confirmed by the Store, until stocks are exhausted.
  8. All materials posted on the website (photos, texts, graphic materials) are the property of Bad Idea Studio Jan Wolak-Dyszyński. Using them without the consent of the website owner is prohibited.


  1. Orders are accepted by completing the order form on the Store's website.
  2. The order may refer to a finished product or a personalized product created at the customer's request.
  3. Orders are accepted 24 hours a day, on all days of the year. The order is processed on working days.
  4. Placing an order in the online store is tantamount to concluding a distance purchase contract between the ordering person (Buyer) and the store (Seller).
  5. In the event of providing false, incomplete or incorrect data, the Store will try to contact the Buyer in order to complete or correct them. If the contact is not possible, the Store has the right to withdraw from the order.
  6. Placing an order is confirmed electronically via e-mail, which contains the details of the order and the data necessary to make the payment.
  7. The order is accepted for execution after receiving the payment.
  8. In the event of circumstances preventing the implementation of all or part of the order, the Store reserves the right to suspend its implementation and undertakes to notify the Buyer about this fact, who will decide on the further method of order fulfillment (partial implementation, extension of the waiting time, cancellation of the entire order). In the event of cancellation of part or all of the paid order, the amount due for the unrealized products will be transferred to the Customer's account.
  9. The strap attachments and clasps are of the highest quality. In the event of inadequate fastening or damage resulting from improper use, the company is not responsible for the destruction or damage to the equipment mounted on them. Only the correct use of the straps and the correct fastening of the equipment on the strap guarantees its complete safety.
  10. The online store conducts retail and wholesale sales via the Internet


The following payment methods are possible:

  • By bank transfer - after booking the ordered product, an e-mail is automatically sent with the bank account number to make the payment.
    Bank transfer details:
    Bad Idea Studio Jan Wolak-Dyszyński, ul. Różyckiego 4/81, 31-324 Krakow
    account number: 92 1140 2004 0000 3702 6667 3771
    In the title of the transfer, I suggest you include the order number.
    - Through Blue Media SA with its seat in Sopot, ul. Haffnera 6, postal code: 81-717, KRS: 0000320590.
  • Via Paypal - account: [email protected]
  • Credit card:
  1. Show
  2.  Visa Electron
  3.  MasterCard
  4.  MasterCard Electronic

If there is a need to return funds for a transaction made by the customer with a payment card, the seller will be refunded to the bank account assigned to the payment card of the Ordering Party.


  1. Shipment is carried out up to 5 business days from receipt of payment for the Order, in the case of individual orders.
  2. We deliver goods in Poland and abroad. Shipping costs vary depending on the country of the customer.
  3. The goods are delivered via Poczta Polska, Parcel Lockers or a courier company.
  4. The delivery costs are borne by the customer. Shipping costs are visible in the Order.
  5. Delivery costs may vary depending on the size or value of the Order and are provided when selecting the method of delivery of the product by the Customer.
  6. The cost of shipping may change temporarily, due to promotions set by the Store.
  7. The Store issues an Invoice for each Order (in the case of companies, it is necessary to provide the NIP number).
  8. There is a possibility of personal collection in Krakow, by appointment.


  1. Pursuant to the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws No. 22, item 271, as amended), the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without specifying reasons within 14 days from the date of product release. To meet this deadline, it is enough to send a statement before its expiry.
  2. In order to withdraw from the contract, the Customer is obliged to send a statement of his decision by e- mail to the address [email protected] The refund will be automatically credited to the Customer's balance upon receipt of the goods by the Store. The money will be returned to the bank account indicated by the Customer within 14 calendar days from the date of informing the Seller about his decision. If there is a need to return funds for a transaction made by the customer with a payment card, the seller will be refunded to the bank account assigned to the payment card of the Ordering Party.
  3. The returned goods should be sent to the following address together with the proof of purchase immediately, but not later than within 14 days: Bad Idea Studio Jan Wolak-Dyszyński, ul. Różyckiego 4/81 31-324 Krakow.
  4. The cost of shipping in the event of returning the goods, as a result of withdrawal from the contract, is borne by the customer.
  5. The goods must be returned together with the proof of purchase. If the Customer wants to keep the proof of purchase for other products not returned from the same receipt, he should make a photocopy of it on his own. This photocopy will be considered valid proof of purchase.
  6. The product should be unchanged.
  7. The store does not accept cash on delivery shipments.
  8. Pursuant to the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and on liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws of 2000, No. 22, item 271), the consumer is not entitled to withdraw from a distance contract. in the case of services with the properties specified by the consumer in the order placed by him or closely related to his person.


  1. Complaints regarding the functioning of the Store may be submitted by the Customer via e-mail to the address [email protected] .
  2. In the event of product defects or its non-compliance with the contract, the Customer has the option of complaining about the purchased product. For this purpose, the goods should be sent together with the completed and signed application (with the defect and the specification of expectations regarding the fulfillment of the Store's obligations) at your own expense to the address of Bad Idea Studio Jan Wolak-Dyszyński along with the proof of sale. By specifying the method of fulfilling the obligations of the Store, the Customer has the right to demand that the goods be brought into conformity with the contract by free repair or replacement, unless repair or replacement is impossible or requires excessive costs. If the store is unable to meet specific requests, the customer has the right to demand an appropriate price reduction or may withdraw from the contract.
  3. The store will respond to the customer's requests within 7 working days from the moment of reporting the non-compliance of the goods with the contract. The day when the complaint is submitted is considered to be the day the advertised product is delivered to the Store.
  4. The warranty protection period is 2 years.


  1. By placing an order in the Store, the Customer agrees to the use and processing by the Store of personal data provided in the order form to the extent necessary for the implementation of the Order and recording purposes, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of May 10, 2018 on the protection of personal data.
  2. The seller acts in accordance with the requirements of the Act of May 10, 2018 on the protection of personal data. Pursuant to this Act, the Customer has the right to inspect his personal data and correct them, as well as to request the cessation of their processing by the Store. For this purpose, a message with a specific instruction should be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected] .
  3. The administrator of the database of personal data provided by the customers of the Store in connection with the purchases made is: Bad Idea Studio Jan Wolak-Dyszyński, ul. Różyckiego 4/81 31-324 Krakow.
  4. Details can be found in a separate document


  1. The Store reserves the right to amend the Regulations. Any changes to the Regulations come into force on the date indicated by the Store, not shorter than 7 days from the date they are made available on the Store's website. Orders placed before the effective date of amendments to these Regulations are implemented on the basis of the provisions in force on the date of placing the order.
  2. The Regulations are valid from 01/12/2020.
  3. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code (Journal of Laws 1964, No. 16, item 93, as amended) shall apply.